A Passionate Entrepreneur


I am an Entrepreneur. I love building things. I love business.

At age twenty-three, I had my sights set on going into the legal profession when I stumbled into the insurance industry. Short on cash and needing to work close to home, I took a job with Kemper Insurance Company in claims. The exposure to a combination of Workers Compensation law, investigations, medical treatment, and negotiating with lawyers about settlements made my job interesting.

In my first year, I met people who sold Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs). I gained some insight and, almost immediately, I believed I could succeed in that business. Their product was a doctor’s report outlining the medical exposure on a claim. As a demanding customer, I saw an opportunity to provide a better service.  Over time, I came to realize that the sector was under served; so I set out to start my own business. In short time, Boston Medical Evaluations, Inc. (BME as it is known in the market) was incorporated. The company was started with a small list of doctors, a receptionist, and a six-hundred-square-foot office.

Things began to take off after our first couple of months. The cases came in as we grew at a very fast pace. Many hours were spent getting the company off the ground. I was on the road at 6 a.m. and got home late at night, but I relished every exhilarating minute of it. Along the way, I developed an affinity for marketing and sales which became my strength. When I say marketing and sales, what I really mean is developing lasting relationships.

Back at the office, I entrenched myself in the quality assurance process, physician relations, and customer service and experience.  Our organization constantly validated our service by living our motto "Committed to Quality".  We followed this mantra from our inception.

Over time, BME expanded beyond Massachusetts and New England to become a National company.  It was an evolutionary process.  With growth came challenges in technology, staffing, management, and long term strategy. We successfully met those challenges, and BME became a well-recognized name in Commercial and Personal Lines Insurance.

In 2010, on our 20th anniversary of our incorporation,

the company was successfully transacted to a publicly traded, mega international IME conglomerate.

Over the past few years, I have directed my passion into roles that were different from what I had previously become accustomed. I found great success in national sales and, through my experience and relationships, helped produce significant organic growth.  In 2014, I founded J. Addonizio and Company to help young companies and entrepreneurs with strategies for growth.

I recently worked with a start-up company in the healthcare space where I was vital to capitalization, building a sales force, and establishing operational protocols.   I am proud of my ability to build a company from its very early stages as business development is a fast moving and exciting place to be today.

Whether it be in a consulting role, board position, corporate leader or management team player, I embrace each opportunity with the same passion and enthusiasm I had as a young man leaving Kemper Insurance for BME. One big difference – Wisdom.  Let me know if I can help you and your organization.

John C. Addonizio


Strategic Planning

Leadership & Communication Skills

Business Operations Organization

Personal and Professional Integrity

Regulatory Compliance Fed & State Levels

Client Relationship and Team Building

Revenue and Market Expansion

Sound Decision Making


John is an innovative, successful insurance/healthcare executive, experienced in high-volume business operations. Adept at creating strategic alliances to effectively align and support key business initiatives. A talented entrepreneur, leader, and educator with a passion for creating best-in-class products, he is also a dedicated mentor and coach who builds and retains high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals.

  • CEO - J. Addonizio & Company, LLC

    07/2014 to Present, Winchester, MA

    • Established consulting firm to advise clients in the areas of business strategies, sales team development and new venture opportunity.
    • Generate new business daily as a result of trustworthy reputation and strong network of colleagues.
    • Stay current on corporate governance standards, growth strategies, and business continuity planning.
    • Provide mentoring for high level executives and business owners.
  • Vice President of National Sales - ExamWorks, Inc.

    10/2010 to 07/2014, Atlanta, GA

    • Joined company as "a Founder" prior to becoming a publicly traded entity on New York Stock Exchange.
    • Responsible for developing organic growth in an organization which had previously grown through acquisition.
    • Collaborated with Fortune 500 Insurance companies to create an organically-built, client specific, national, independent medical evaluation/peer review programs.
    • Accountable for sales presentations, operations development, and local roll outs.
    • Set the bar high with 100% customer retention.
    • Renowned in the industry for successfully bringing national deals to the organization
  • CEO - BMEGateway

    09/2000 to 09/2010, Medford/Woburn, MA

    • Successfully transformed a regional company into a national provider of independent medical evaluations and managed care services.
    • Grew company to national in scope by fulfilling customers need for one-stop shopping through operational investment and territorial expansion.
    • Successfully expanded recruitment of new medical providers network as a result of strong reputation as a top organization.
    • Guided company through a major restructuring in 2007.
    • The organization held prominent place at national trade shows.
    • Led company to unprecedented corporate growth.
    • Successfully transacted company to Examworks, Inc. in October, 2010.
  • Director of Marketing - Boston Medical Evaluations, Inc.

    09/1989 to 09/2000, Medford, MA

    • Established this company to perform independent medical evaluations in the insurance claims industry.
    • Responsible for customer relations and sales. Went out to clients' offices, spent considerable time on travel, entertainment, and presentations.
    • Developed sales and marketing team and brochure presentation platform.
    • Lead weekly meetings for operations and sales team members.
    • Oversaw operations processes, recruitment of best doctors for network and quality control.
    • Company gained a reputation as the most modern, customer-friendly program in the Northeast.
  • Industry Forums / Speaking Engagements / Charities

    01/1990 to Present, Medford, MA

    • National Workers Compensation Show
    • R.I.M.S. National Insurance Trade Show
    • Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau speaker
    • National Auto Managed Care Forum speaker
    • New Hampshire Workers Compensation presentation
    • BME Gateway Medical Symposiums lead speaker and organizer
    • BME Gateway Charitable Golf tournament founder and director
    • Addonizio Family Charitable Foundation
  • Education

    Bachelor of Science: Government

    Suffolk University, Boston, MA